Stanley Park Virtual Field Trip

Geography VR focuses on Stanley Park as virtual reality experience, with 3D spatial environment models, drone photogrammetry, and the Unity3D game engine - a fully interactive virtual space that allows students to learn about their surroundings from a different perspective.


HoloBrain is a mixed reality brain simulation to allow educators to teach the anatomy of the brain with a holographic model, using 3D reconstructions of basal ganglia nuclei which were obtained from MRI scans.

Physics World

A virtual reality/ augmented reality educational physics game that helps users understand physics in a fun way.

360 Videos

A tour of various iconic sites on the UBC campus and within the city of Vancouver. Whether you want to take in some (virtual) sun on the beach or take a stroll through the treetops along a canopy walkway, this tour will give a quick sense of what student experience will be like in the first year at UBC.

VR in Pain Control

An exploratory approach using a case series and personal interviews; the value of VR to be used as an adjunctive therapy for chronic pain patients in their own homes.

Main Mall Hustle

Interactive experience of the UBC Point Grey Campus for the prospective and first year students. Developed in Google Cardboard Viewer

Pterygopalatine Fossa VR

An educational tool to teach students the anatomy of a special space in the skull, Pterygopalatine fossa. Students will be able to dissect the skull, locate the space and where they lead to, and explore the inner space of the cavity. Collaboration of Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Dentistry.

Exploration of Ancient City

Reconstruction of Late Bronze Age sites of Kalavasos-Ayios Dhimitrios and Maroni, located in adjacent river valleys in south-central Cyprus. Being developed in both virtual reality and augmented reality platforms.


Experimentation with Brain Computer Interface


Integration of Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) and WebVR to approach human emotion in a different perspective.