Stanley Park Virtual Field Trip

Geography VR focuses on Stanley Park as virtual reality experience, with 3D spatial environment models, drone photogrammetry, and the Unity3D game engine - a fully interactive virtual space that allows students to learn about their surroundings from a different perspective.



HoloBrain is a mixed reality brain simulation to allow educators to teach the anatomy of the brain with a holographic model, using 3D reconstructions of basal ganglia nuclei which were obtained from MRI scans.


Physics World

A virtual reality/ Augmented reality educational physics game that helps users understand physics in a fun way.


Integration of Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) and WebVR to approach human emotion in a different perspective.  

360 Videos

A tour of various iconic sites on the UBC campus and within the city of Vancouver. Whether you want to take in some (virtual) sun on the beach or take a stroll through the treetops along a canopy walkway, this tour will give a quick sense of what student experience will be like in the first year at UBC.  

VR in Pain Control

An exploratory approach using a case series and personal interviews; the value of VR to be used as an adjunctive therapy for chronic pain patients in their own homes.

Fruit Ninja VR High Score Board