Stanley Park Virtual Field Trip

An ongoing collaboration between Faculty of Geography, UBC Emerging Media Lab, UBC Studios, Metanaut, and students from the AMS Game Development Association. The project focuses on Stanley Park as virtual reality
experience, with 3D spatial environment models, drone photogrammetry, and the Unity3D game engine. Using a combination of cutting edge techniques and technologies, the Geography VR team is in the process of creating a fully interactive virtual
space that allows students to learn about their surroundings from a different perspective.


A mixed reality brain simulation to allow educators to teach the anatomy of the brain with a holographic model.

Matt's Physics World

A virtual reality educational physics game that helps users understand the concept of the projectile motion. Players will find out the relevance of projectiles in today's society and how to predict a projectile's path using initial angles and velocities.


Integration of Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) and WebVR to approach human emotion in a different perspective.

Fruit Ninja VR High Score Board