Academic Integration

Academic Support/Services

The Emerging Media Lab is committed to supporting educational programming at UBC. This includes EML-integrated courses and providing resources, space, and expertise for directed studies and coursework research projects.

EML-Integrated Courses

MDIA 470: Developing Emerging Technologies (Taught by Patrick Parra Pennefather, co-appointed with Theatre and Film and the Faculty of Arts)

(previously called THTR 399E)

In MDIA 470: Developing Emerging Technologies, short lectures explaining specific tools are combined with group-based projects to improve students collaboration skills and ability to practice prototyping and “agile” techniques. Students learn formal prototyping techniques to develop project ideas and propose solutions to challenges. This course will appeal to students who want to learn tools to improve their creativity when they collaborate with others on projects. Students will have the opportunity to work with the Emerging Media Lab at UBC on some projects.

If you are interested in this course, visit Courses at EML for more information.

Undergraduate Courses

EML supports capstone and project coursework for other academic programs, including:

Electrical and Computer Engineering Capstone
The Electrical and Computer Engineering Capstone project is a major component of the ECE undergraduate curriculum. Students work together in teams to design a product/service of significance, and solve an open-ended problem in electrical or computer engineering.

Cognitive Systems – COGS 402
The final project for the Cognitive Systems program, COGS 402 grants students first hand experience with conducting interdisciplinary research, and presenting the results of this research in writing and in person. Projects can take a wide variety of forms, including a variety of UX, VR, and concept projects developed with EML resources.

Selected Electrical and Computer Engineering Capstone Projects