EML works with faculty members across all disciplines to create innovative software tools to support teaching/learning and research, using emerging technologies like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

EML is currently accepting project proposals from UBC faculty for Summer 2023. Submit a proposal now!

Current Projects

Past Projects

THTR 399E: UBC VR Paintball Experience

A university hub space that represents UBC in the virtual world.

THTR 399E: Live Stream Motion Capture

Testing live streaming applications and finding ways for actors to interact remotely.

THTR 399E Collaborative Prototyping Pilot Course

THTR 399E is a course created with the support of EML to improve student’s collaboration skills, practice “agile” techniques, and much more!

Cognitive Systems 300 Labs

Revitalizing the COGS 300 Labs to engage students with less coding experience, connect lectures and labs, and much more!

Gamifying Forestry

Gamifying Forestry Classrooms Through the Voxel-Based Minetest Game Engine.

Radiology Diagnostic Trainer

Virtual Reality in Diagnostic Radiology Educational Outcomes.

AAC Simulator

Reimagining assignment 2 in EPSE 411: Augmentative and Alternative Communication for Individuals with Severe Speech and/or Physical Impediments

OER Geomatics

Enhancing geomatic teaching and learning at UBC and beyond through interactive "click and discover" textbook.

Moot Court

A tool to allow students to practice and prepare for their "psychologically terrifying" moot courts in a simulated environment.

Geospatial Audio

Immersive storytelling through geo-located audio.

THTR 399E: EML @ Tapestry

An immersive node based presentation of EML’s current and past projects.

Electrocardiography Visualization and Classification

A innovative way of using AI to visualize, analyze and process ECG data for faster and more effective results.

Socratic Dialogues

Explores the dynamic between Socratic interactive inquiries and search engines in an educational setting.

Virtual Co-Locator

Creates an alternative video calling platform that seeks to include features and effects such as facial detection and creative backgrounds to allow video meetings to be customized to suit different settings and topics.

3D Metabolism

Provides a novel way to visualize the information contained in a metabolic network to make it easier to consume and understand.

Fossa Finder

An interactive educational virtual reality tool to aid anatomy education with regards to the Pterygopalatine Fossa

Digital Dream Play

Adapted from August Strindberg’s A Dream Play by the students of THTR 472.

Interactive Orchestra

Creates a more convenient bridge between student learning in the classroom and experiential learning in front of an orchestra through the utilization of 3D space and sound.

3D Educational Resources (Photogrammetry)

An online resource for the educational community on how they can create and use stunning digital 3D models to reimagine and enhance student learning.

Ancient Athens

Aims to provide an immersive experience of buildings in ancient times.

Main Mall Hustle

A Google Cardboard VR viewer experience that drops you right into the middle of life on campus. Experience UBC even before coming to Vancouver!

Language Chatsim

Allows users to pick between English or German to practice speaking with an avatar in virtual reality.


The project was a collaboration between UBC EML, CDM, and SFU SIAT to create an application where users can experience scholarly writing in an immersive environment.

Soil TopARgraphy

Allows students to view and manipulate a terrain model.

Volumetric Capture in Medical Training

Captures live medical training to be played back in a Volumetric format.

Jupyter 3D

A set of tools being developed to allow users to display and interact with data in VR.

AR Design

Using AR to support teaching and learning regarding sustainable, low-carbon building design.

Pain Box

Pain Box Emulate and expand upon, in a virtual environment, the rubber hand phenomena.

Digital Glass

A joint initiative between Emerging Media Lab and UBC Studios aimed at redesigning the existing UBC Lightboard.

Math World

Allows students to better visualize multivariable functions.

Journey With Me

Helping students understand the emotional consequences of the Syrian Civil War.

VR in Pain Control

An exploratory approach using a case series and personal interviews; the value of VR to be used as an adjunctive therapy for chronic pain patients in their own homes.

Physics World

A virtual reality / augmented reality educational physics game that helps users understand physics in a fun way.

Exploring an Ancient City

Exploring how ancient people experienced their built environments and how we can use digital technologies to reconstruct an ancient city, allowing students and researchers to engage with archaeological data in new ways.

360 Videos

A tour of various iconic sites on the UBC campus and within the city of Vancouver. Whether you want to take in some (virtual) sun on the beach or take a stroll through the treetops along a canopy walkway, this tour will give a quick sense of what student experience will be like in the first year at UBC.

Stanley Park Geography VR Field Trip

Focuses on Stanley Park as virtual reality experience, with 3D spatial environment models, ground level photogrammetry, and the Unity game engine.

Hackspace for Innovation and Visualization in Education (H.I.V.E.)


HoloBrain is a mixed reality brain simulation to allow educators to teach the anatomy of the brain with a holographic model, using 3D reconstructions of basal ganglia nuclei which were obtained from MRI scans.

Pocket Pelvis

PocketPelvis is an AR app to 3D visualize the pelvic area, one of the most anatomically complex area in the human body. Compared to other learning tools like textbooks or cadavers, the app provides a unique learning experience for medical students learning to visualize the pelvis in 3D.

HoloBrain in WebVR

Inspired by the HoloBrain’s ability to display spatial relationships between brain structures in AR, Holobrain in Webvr aims at delivering a similar experience to a wider audience.