Mobile VR Livestream


Current high end VR headsets allow for extended interaction and immersion, but only for a few users at a time. Such experiences can be very isolating to the user and alienating to those waiting their turn. This is not yet scalable in an educational context, as the tradeoffs between accessibility and interactivity are still too steep. Commercially available experiences are trying to fill the gap. Google cardboards are extremely accessible, single user experiences. Google expeditions builds upon the cardboard framework allowing multiple users to view the same photosphere at once, but with limited interactivity.


The objective of this ECE Capstone project was to create a system that streams high fidelity VR content from a headset to a classroom of mobile devices for viewing in Google cardboards. An instructor would be in the headset, manipulating the environment, directing attention, and delivering information. Students would be viewing said environment with their mobile devices and Google cardboards.

The Team

UBC EML Advisor

    Kirk Karasin

ECE Capstone Team

  • Alex Macdonald
  • Andrey Varlamov
  • Atif Mahmud
  • Kaleb Graham
  • Yingmin (Robin) Tu