Vision Statement

EML is an experimental space where faculty, students, and staff from all disciplines collaborate with industry and the community. Its mission is to evolve learning by creating tools and techniques using emerging media.

What is in the Name?


New, different, on the leading edge. New technologies and groundbreaking educational techniques that are not in common usage yet, but that may become critically important in the future.


Beyond a narrow category of broadcast media towards a more expansive sense of technology as “medium,” encompassing the ways in which we interface with emerging technology.


Where experimentation goes hand-in-hand with permission to fail. By deriving lessons from risks taken, and making those lessons available, we contribute to the development of community best practices.

Explore EML

The UBC community is welcome to Emerging Media Lab’s spaces and resources to explore, experiment and develop ideas that may eventually enhance learning and research at UBC. To book a demo session or spaces, please contact us at emergingmedia.lab@ubc.ca.

For more information regarding EML innovation process, check our 2023 UPDATE