Ancient Athens


The Ancient Athens project aims to provide an immersive experience of buildings in ancient times. For this term, the scope is limited to a couple of buildings in Athens as we prototype and begin implementing some of the interactions that students might need in order to learn for their class. This project is potentially applicable to many different history courses if designed the right way, though for now, our target class is CNRS 104. The principal investigator for the project is Dr. Kevin Fisher. The project began as a COGS 402 project focused on only the geolocation of 3D models, but with the help of the students in Patrick Pennefather’s Rapid Prototyping course, we can afford to be a bit more ambitious. The prototyping skills they are learning in the class are directly applicable to this phase of the project and are providing clarity as to what the final product will look like.

The Team

Project Lead

  • Dante Cerron


  • Hanson Lee | Team Lead


  • Kevin Fisher | Assistant Professor, Eastern Mediterranean Studies