Head Spin: Multisensory Integration of 3D Orientation in VR

Head Spin: Multisensory Integration of 3D Orientation in VR


Orienting within a three-dimensional environment is a complicated process, requiring multiple senses and cognitive interactions. Due to the intense cognitive demand of orientation, disrupting the rotational environment can cause imbalances and difficulties in  navigation. By creating a Virtual Reality environment that can be interfaced with a variety of equipment (omni-directional treadmills, rotating chairs, spatial audio, etc), the intersection of cognition and navigation can be examined within a controlled digital environment.


This project aims to create a Virtual Reality (VR) interface where participants will complete a rotation task across multiple trials. The objective of these trials is to study how different disturbances in axes, along with the impacts of passive and active movements will influence the perception of 3D spatial orientation. Examining these questions will provide valuable insights into human cognition and behaviour in spatial localization. 

The Team

Principal Investigators

  • Dr. Manu Madhav, Associate Professor, Faculty of Applied Sciences
  • Dr. Calvin Kuo, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Applied Sciences
  • Dr. Jean-Sebastien Blouin, Professor, Faculty of Education

Student Team

  • Victoria Lim, Project Lead, UX/UI Designer (May 2024 – Present)
  • Jerry Wang, Developer (May 2024 – Present)
  • Graydon Strachan, Developer (May 2024 – Present)

Staff Team

  • Frederik Svendsen, Staff Developer (May 2024 – Present)
  • Anushka Sharma, Staff Designer (May 2024 – Present)