VR in Pain Control

Immersive Multimedia as an Adjunctive Measure for Pain Control in Cancer Patients

This study aims to determine if immersive multimedia therapy is effective as an adjunctive intervention in the management of chronic pain in cancer patients. The work will inform future research into the potential uses of immersive multimedia in the treatment of cancer-associated pain. In addition, this study will help identify optimal immersive multimedia environments for use in chronic pain applications, practical determinants for implementation of immersive multimedia for wider practice, and will provide a better theoretical understanding of the mechanisms whereby immersive multimedia works in the chronic pain population.


The Team

  • PI: Dr. Bernie Garrett
  • Co-PI: Dr. Diane Gromala (SFU), Dr. Tarnia Taverner (Fraser Health)
  • Project Manager: Crystal Sun
  • Research Assistants (UBC): Gordon Tao, Elliott Cordingley
  • Research Assistants (SFU): Serkan Pekcetin, Kathryn Cruz