360 Videos


360 Videos are a new form of media that allows viewers a limited degree of interaction with the media they are viewing, allowing them to see and explore components of videos that they do not usually see. There are various ongoing projects on campus, with different faculties and departments utilizing this new technology in different areas. The emerging media team at UBC Studios has been working with these campus groups to create new unique videos, experimenting with new techniques in an effort to enhance the quality and functions of these videos. We will be continuously updating you with the newest news concerning 360 video use on the UBC campus.

How does it work?

360 videos are created by stitching multiple angles captured by a set of cameras. Using advanced software, we are able to put these pieces together and add interactive elements to these videos for greater interaction. Sound is also programmed using directional audio, simulating a much more realistic environment to viewers, and allowing the viewers to interact with the video using sound. These videos go hand in hand with VR as many technologies applied in creating 360 videos are also applicable to virtual environments.

Bridges to Education:

With the release of the Google Cardboard, we are now able to use 360 videos to create simple virtual environments. Imagine the use of this technology in education, where instructors are able to have students experience the topics that they are teaching in a more engaging way. The team at EML strives to create new innovative ways of learning to improve the educational experience at institutions globally.