COGS 300 Robot Tournament


COGS 300: Understanding and Designing Cognitive Systems, a core course of the Cognitive Systems program, centers around the “theory and methods for integrating diverse disciplinary content in cognitive systems”. This EMLx project aims to pick up where the past EML Cogs 300 project left off by continuing the redesigning of the lab content for the course. In the past we worked on 4 of the labs and we are now moving on to the last 3 labs in the course, which also serve as the final project for students.


The final project in COGS 300 involves students using reinforcement learning to train a simulated robot to compete in a capture the flag tournament. The goal is to revisit the rules and mechanics of this tournament to encourage greater variation in viable strategies, as well as make the training process more streamlined and easier for students to navigate.

The Team

Team Leads

  • Dr. Marton Soskuthy
  • Reid Patterson

Student Team

  • Brian Yang (May 2023 – Present)
  • Tiffany Chu (May 2023 – Present)