Digital Glass


The project seeks to obsolete the use of physical ink as well as improve the user’s control over what they draw and how they draw it. Digital Glass is being designed by a UBC engineering Capstone team with the help of various Emerging Media Lab staff. The new system includes a custom pen design that works in conjunction with a tracking system and Bluetooth communication. With this new Lightboard design, both recordings and livestreamed lectures will be much smoother and effective.

How it works

Digital Glass makes use of infrared tracking to accurately find the pen’s current location and transmit the writing to the existing confidence monitor setup. By incorporating Bluetooth communication capabilities into the pen, the user is able to select a variety of drawing tools to enhance their presentation experience. The pen and accompanying software was designed by a UBC Engineering Capstone team in 2017-2018 with the help of several UBC Studios and Emerging Media Lab staff.

The Team


  • Dr. Matt Yedlin, UBC Studios Faculty in Residence

ECE Capstone Team

  • Shirley Xie, (September 2017 – Apr 2018), Software Team
  • Michael Cao,(September 2017 – Aug 2018), Software Team
  • Wilfred Wong,(September 2017 – Aug 2018), Hardware Team
  • Zihao (Clen) Xia,(September 2017 – Apr 2018), Hardware Team
  • Juyeong (Stella) Oh (Apr 2018 – Aug 2018), Hardware Team
  • Glyn Han, (September 2017 – Apr 2018), Hardware Team