Annual Spring Showcase 2021

Annual Spring Showcase 2021












The Emerging Media Lab proudly presents our annual showcase of spring projects, detailing the whys and hows from faculty and developers!

About this Event

The landscape of the classroom is changing. Check out how the Emerging Media Lab is innovating educational tools with emerging tech like VR and AR. Learn about our projects from the creators themselves, from ideation to prototype and beyond.

Believe tech is limited to the hard sciences? Think again! We have projects collaborating with the department of theatre, biochemistry, archaeology, and more. Whatever you are interested in, you’re invited to celebrate our accomplishments and connect with our community!

Featured Projects

3D Metabolism | A novel way to understand and visualize the information contained in the famously difficult to learn metabolic network.

Key words: prototyping animations, Unity, Wikibase mapping.

Main Mall Hustle | A Cardboard VR viewer experience that drops you right in the middle of life on UBC campus!

Key words: A-frame optimizations, video game development, game state management.

Fossa Finder | An anatomical visualization tool that uses VR to help students visualize and interact with the Pterygopalatine Fossa – an important super-junction of nerves and blood vessels in the skull.

Key words: education, live-streaming, VR accessibility during COVID-19.

ECG Visualization | Bringing data visualization to VR, this project offers a novel way to explore ECG records in 3 dimensions, making it more convenient to review and analyze.

Key Words: anomaly detection, colour bar, Unity objects, prototyping.

Collaborative Prototyping Course projects:

These proof of concept EML projects are in collaboration with UBC Theatre and Film.

3D Ancient Athens | A simulator that aims to reconstruct the historical city to bring an immersive experience of buildings in ancient times, allowing for interactive asynchronous teaching – improving the quality of learning for students.

Key Words: alternate viewing styles, object scaling, user interface implementation.

Digital Dream Play | Exploring real-time technologies, such as OBS Studio, an open-source livestreaming software, for live performance. The goal of this project is to enable theatre productions to show more actors on stage while still keeping physical distancing. This project is being applied to a UBC theatre production of A Dream Play by August Strindberg.

Key Words: OBS Studio livestreaming, theatre production during COVID-19.

Virtual Land Allotment | A web-based virtual land simulation for First Nations.

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