EML Lecture Series

Lecture series features several topics, from VR/AR/MR and Artificial Intelligence to creative writing and visual art.
This page shows all upcoming and past lectures.

Motion Sickness in VR: Causes, Characteristics and Treatments.

Emerging Media Lab Lecture Series “Motion Sickness in Virtual Reality”   Ever wonder why you get a little sick when you put on a VR headset? Turns out there’s a science behind it and it’s not quite like regular motion sickness. KITE scientist and psychology professor from Ryerson University Dr. Behrang Keshavarz will explain the phenomenon and how you […]

Staging VR, AR and MR in Public Spaces

Lecturer: Dr. Patrick Pennefather | Department of Theatre and Film; Centre for Digital Media Date: Thursday, July 25, 2019| 1:00PM – 3:00PM Location: UBC Studios | 0110-2329 West Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4     The popularity of emerging technologies and new ways to experience virtual worlds continues to grow. This talk will center on […]

Animal Realities: AR & VR’s role in Veterinary

Dr. Christopher Queen | Date: Thursday, November 22 5:30-6:30 | Location: Woodward 3 | “A Deep Dive into VR/AR: Lessons from my time in Vancouver”

MEdia: Freedom of Thought in Virtual Realities

Lecturer: Jon Festinger | Tuesday, September 25th from 4:00 – 5:30 pm | SWING 205 | Based on current trajectories we can project at least one future for media – that of algorithmically generated content uniquely and intentionally generated for each person delivered in a completely immersive VR environment…

Developing an Adaptive xR Prototyping Pipeline in Educational Contexts

Lecturer: Dr. Patrick Pennefather | Tuesday, July 31 4-5:30PM | IKB Room 185 | With a minimum amount of time spent on talking about specific xR (VR, AR, MR, whateverR) prototyping use cases from the Master of Digital Media Program, this workshop will guide participants in the development of an xR pipeline for projects that they and others bring to the table.

It’s About Bananas: Approaching Narrative Form in Digital Interactive Storytelling

Lecturer: Jennifer Moss | How does technology impact the way we create and share stories? This interactive lecture will explore the relationship of story to form in the context of digital interactive new media storytelling.

Towards Better User Interfaces for 3D Lecture

Lecturer: Wolfgang Stuerzlinger | Inspired by visions in media, there are now many systems that enable people to interact with 3D content. Based on reflections on the capabilities and limitations of both humans and technologies, Dr. Stuerzlinger will present recent research improvements to 3D user interfaces.

Human-Computer Interaction Research Issues in VR/AR Lecture

Lecturer: Dongwook Yoon | Are virtual and augmented realities (VR/AR) the next human-computer interaction (HCI) paradigm? This lecture examines issues in interactive VR/AR systems through a lens of HCI research.

Making Art with AI Lecture

Lecturer: Dr. Steve DiPaola, SFU | Using computational and AI techniques including Deep Learning, DiPaola will demonstrate his research lab’s (ivizlab.sfu.ca) work, in modeling how humans express themselves in systems.

Lecture in Historical Overview of VR and its Application Space

Historical Overview of VR and its Application Space delivered by Meehan Song. In this lecture, Meehae will be introducing a brief historical overview of VR and its related technologies and present different uses of VR application space.