Call for Proposals


Deadline: March 31st, 2024

UBC faculty are encouraged to submit proposals related to their teaching/learning or research projects that use emerging media technologies including but not limited to virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

What EML offers:

UBC’s Emerging Media Lab (EML) is an experimental lab space where faculty, students, and staff from all disciplines collaborate to evolve learning by creating tools and techniques using emerging media technologies.

EML provides lab resources and required expertise in design and programming to work with you to develop a proof-of-concept for your project idea. You and your project team will meet regularly, with you serving as principal investigator (PI) and subject matter expert.

Project teams include students and staff. The student workers on your team will be supported by EML staff. The team will help you to determine project scope, tasks, and experiment to find solutions to meet your project goals.


There are two main project intakes: one in September for the fall/winter term and one in May for the summer term.

After receiving a project proposal, a discovery meeting will be set up to determine feasibility and scope of your project. If selected, a project team and related resources will be assigned to begin work at the beginning of the summer or fall term.

How it works:


EML projects start with a concept from a UBC faculty member or outlining a problem to be solved.

These ideas can start with open-ended questions like “is there a better way to teach anatomy or biology than examining physical objects in a classroom or reading a textbook?” to ideas that already come with a specific technology to explore: “could virtual reality help music students practice their orchestra conducting skills?”

After brainstorming and ideation is complete and project requirements and scope are determined, a project team will be assigned to develop an experimental prototype.

At the end of the term, the result will be evaluated to answer the question: Is there a potential to bring it to the next level, minimum viable product (MVP) stage? If the answer is yes, EML will support the PI to apply for grants, connect them with industry partners to continue development, or devote additional EML resources to your project going forward.

The resulting work from both the proof-of-concept and MVP stages can include new best practices, adding to our institutional knowledge, and viable products or teaching tools.

All through this process, EML works with faculty to promote and present the work to the EML stakeholders and broader community.

Are you unsure whether your project idea would be a good fit for our lab? Contact us at or via our contact page.

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