February 2023 Emerging Media Community of Practice: How AI Tools such as ChatGPT are changing conversations in Higher Education

Join the UBC Emerging Media Lab for a panel discussion organized by EMCoP on AI technologies and their implications on the future!

The Emerging Media Lab presents an online Zoom seminar about AI technologies (such as ChatGPT), and how they will affect our world going forward. Hosted by the Emerging Media Community of Practice and moderated by Patrick Pennefather, a selection of panelists will join us to analyze these fascinating topics. The event is free and will take place Friday, February 24th from 3:30-5:00 pm PST on Zoom.

Panelists Include:

Professor Jutta Treviranus, OCAD University, Faculty of Design, Graduate Studies

Professor Stephen Murgatroyd, University of Alberta, Faculty of Education (Adjunct)

Dr. Farhad Dastur, Principal Investigator, KPU Virtual Reality Lab

David Clement, Emerging Media Lab Industry Advisor

Moderator: Dr. Patrick Pennefather, UBC Emerging Media Lab