HoloBrain in WebVR


Inspired by the HoloBrain’s ability to display spatial relationships between brain structures in AR, Holobrain in Webvr aims at delivering a similar experience to a wider audience. Using a web app we are able to network more HoloBrains to each other, in the hopes of eventually making this a tool used to teach large classes. The tools used in this project are AFrame for building a VR experience using just Javascript and HTML, and Blender and Amira for segmentation of MRI scans and production of the 3D models.


Dr. Claudia Krebs

Student Team

Dante Cerron, Ishan Dixit, Mehrdad Gohmi, Shi Ge, Braedon Paul, Nancy Duan

  • Dante Cerron
  • Ishan Dixit
  • Nancy Duan
  • Shi Ge
  • Mehrdad Gohmi
  • Braedon Paul
  • Cynthia Liu (Design Lead)