Annual Summer Showcase 2021

Annual Summer Showcase 2021

The landscape of the classroom is changing. Check out how the Emerging Media Lab is innovating educational tools with emerging tech like VR and AR. Learn about our projects from the creators themselves, from ideation to prototype and beyond.

Believe tech is limited to the hard sciences? Think again! We have projects collaborating with the department of theatre, biochemistry, archaeology, and more. Whatever you are interested in, you’re invited to celebrate our accomplishments and connect with our community!

Check out our Summer Showcase presentations!

3D Metabolism

| A novel way to understand and visualize the information contained in the famously difficult to learn metabolic network.
Key words: prototyping animations, Unity, Wikibase mapping.

Socratic Dialogues

| Explores the dynamic between Socratic interactive inquiries and search engines in an educational setting.

Virtual Co-Locator

| Creates an alternative video calling platform that seeks to include features and effects such as facial detection and creative backgrounds to allow video meetings to be customized to suit different settings and topics.

Electrocardiography Visualization and Classification

| A innovative way of using AI to visualize, analyze and process ECG data for faster and more effective resutls.

Interactive Animation Toolkit for Unity


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