EML In Real Time: Zahra Asadi

Meet Zahra, a 3rd year electrical engineering student and software developer at EML. In working at EML, Zahra gained the necessary technical skills for advancing in the field of software development, as well as acquiring valuable teamwork and communication skills through working remotely. To find out more about Zahra’s experience at EML, check out the interview below!

Hannah: What is your role at EML?

Zahra: I’m a work-learn student Software Developer and I am working on the Socrates and Main Mall Hustle projects.

H: As a software developer, what does that involve?

Z: As a software developer I am usually in charge of improving performance of source code, doing quality assurance, and modifying the code to add features as per client requirements.

H: What would you say you value the most about your job or the work that you do?

Z: I got the chance to work in a professional environment which taught me how to collaborate and complete project deliverables as per client needs. Two key learning outcomes of my work at EML have been the importance of clearly defining a problem and how to grasp on to new skills quickly and efficiently.

H: What are some of the skills you’ve gained working at EML?

Z: Being part of two technical projects at EML has exposed me to full-stack software development as well as cloud technologies using tools such as Python, JavaScript, HTML and AWS. I have also learned about the benefits of working in an Agile environment for project management and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from knowledgeable and creative colleagues!

H: What types of challenges or obstacles have you faced working at EML?

Z: Since many of the technical skills I am using at EML are newly acquired, I found it challenging to balance learning new skills through research while finishing my tasks on time. Since we have been working from home, it was difficult to build my network within EML to learn about the different areas of the organization.

H: How have you bridged that gap?

Z: I was very active in asking my teammates for help and seeking their guidance on how I can learn a new skill most efficiently. I attended all meetings and social activities that are held by EML to get to know as many people as possible throughout the year.

H: How do you like the community at EML?

Z: The community at EML is full of creative and knowledgeable individuals who are looking to accomplish a common goal. I enjoy interacting with people from different backgrounds during the weekly team meetings since hearing their experiences help me gain more perspective on my future career path.

H: How has your time at EML influenced your future plans, academic studies, career goals, or even just your hobbies?

Z: I am really interested in extending my skills from hardware and embedded systems to software development. The impact of my work on real-world projects which are being implemented in the UBC community drives my enthusiasm about being part of EML. I am looking forward to using the foundations I have built here as part of my career going forward.

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