3D Modelling Workshop

3D Modelling Workshop

Presenter: Travis Anderson, 3D Artist and Illustrator

Dates: Thursday, February 7th, 2019 | 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Location: Orchard Commons | Room 4018 | 6363 Agronomy Rd

In this 4 hour workshop, Travis will be teach modelling basics and also touch on texturing. Through hands-on application with Maya and substance painter, this work along demo will teach the basics of 3D modelling to practical learners.

How to Register

  • RSVP on the form by February 5th
  • Come to Neville Scarfe Room 1 and deposit $5 (Please bring exact change. You will be reimbursed the $5 on the first day of the workshop)

Please note that space is limited and that your registration for the workshop will be confirmed once you have deposited $5.


  • Experience with modelling software is an asset
  • Bring your laptop with Maya and substance painter software

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the basics of Maya and Substance Painter
  2. Introduction to a workflow in 3D modelling software that the student can build from later
  3. Build simple models in Maya and Substance Painter
  4. Understand the process of texturing and apply colour to modeled objects

About Travis:

Travis Anderson is working professional within the concept art, 3D art and illustration industry. He graduated from Emily Carr University and is currently working for Metanaut, UBC and Tabula games, while also working in house for Emmy award nominated studio Fuse FX. Travis has been working as an artist for 9 years now and has created everything from international award winning animation shorts, to leading a team in creating successful board games and designing concepts for up and coming TV shows. When Travis is not working, he enjoys developing his own stories and worlds, as well as playing his cello.


Download files for the workshop.

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