Interactive Orchestra


The Interactive Orchestra project is a virtual reality experience that aims to provide a virtual podium for music students who wish to gain experience conducting an orchestra. It seeks to create a more convenient bridge between student learning in the classroom and experiential learning in front of an orchestra.

The experience will simulate the response latency from a symphony orchestra relative to the beat of the conductor, allow the user to influence the music elements such as tempo and dynamics, and provide instantaneous feedback on gestures. To learn more, read our project spotlight on Interactive Orchestra.

Check out the 360 video below showing Dr. Girard conducting an orchestra of his students.



Dr. Jonathan Girard | Director of Orchestral Activities, Assistant Professor of Conducting and Ensembles

Student Team

  • Serena Chao
  • Michael Goh
  • Angel Wen
  • Vanessa Bayubaskoro
  • William Beltran
  • Farhan Kassam
  • Jonathan Kay
  • Conrad Sosnowski
  • Jessica Wu