VR Prototyping with WebVR (3 Day Workshop)

VR Prototyping with WebVR
Presenter: Meehae Song, SFU School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT)

Dates: October 22-24 | 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Location: Orchard Commons | Room 3018 | 6363 Agronomy Rd

In this introductory 6-hour workshop, Meehae Song will introduce various VR Prototyping techniques using A-Frame, a web-based open source VR system (WebVR). Over the 3 days, she will cover emerging fundamentals of 3D space and UX/UI considerations for prototyping VR applications. The attendees will have a chance to work in A-Frame, quickly creating and exploring prototyped VR environments.

How to Register

  • RSVP on the form by October 19
  • Come to Neville Scarfe Room 1 and deposit $5 (Please bring exact change. You will be reimbursed the $5 on the first day of the workshop)

Please note that space is limited and that your registration for the workshop will be confirmed once you have deposited $5.


  • Understanding of basic HTML Syntax
  • Experience with WebVR is an asset
  • Bring your laptop, a mouse and your mobile phone

Learning Objectives

    1. Basic overview of VR through A-Frame WebVR:

3D fundamentals
VR UX/UI Recommendations

    1. VR Prototyping Process Overview:

Breakdown prototyping process
Identify a simple project in teams for either a 360 VR or a VR with 3D environment
Use “Greyboxing” as a technique to create 3D environments using primitives in A-Frame WebVR

  1. Present and view teams’ prototypes on the Google Cardboard platform!

About Meehae:

Meehae has been creating and developing diverse content for VR applications since 2000. She has extensive experience in 3D modeling and development on various real-time engines including A-Frame and Unity3D. She has taught VR at SFU and RED Academy.

Register for the workshop by October 19, 2018

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