Workshop Series

Workshop series is for beginners to learn the basics of how to develop for virtual reality and augmented reality.

Development for WebVR Workshop

Date: March 7th, 2018 5-7PM | Location: ORCH 3074
Ever heard of WebVR but was never sure what it was? Here’s your chance to learn about creating your own WebVR experiences!

Development for Google Cardboard Workshop

Date: February 7th, 2018 4-6PM | Location: ORCH 3074
Learn how to develop for Google Cardboard so that you can have immersive experiences in the palm of your hand!

Lecture Series

Lecture series features several topics, from VR/AR/MR and Artificial Intelligence to creative writing and visual art.

Human-Computer Interaction Research Issues in VR/AR Lecture

Date: Tuesday, March 27th at 4:00 pm | Location: ORCH 4074
Lecturer: Dongwook Yoon | Are virtual and augmented realities (VR/AR) the next human-computer interaction (HCI) paradigm? This lecture examines issues in interactive VR/AR systems through a lens of HCI research.

Making Art with AI Lecture

Date: Tuesday, February 27th at 4:00 pm | Location: ORCH 4074
Lecturer: Dr. Steve DiPaola, SFU | Using computational and AI techniques including Deep Learning, DiPaola will demonstrate his research lab’s ( work, in modeling how humans express themselves in systems.