EML Events

Drop-in demos at EML

Come join us at Emerging Media Lab at Neville Scarfe 1 (located in the basement) for a quick demo session of the emerging technologies at UBC. This event will be held every Tuesday and Thursday from 12:00 – 1:30 PM and is open to anyone from the UBC community, including staff, students and faculty.

Immersive Learning Orientation

Join us for an emerging technologies orientation session to learn more about available technologies, tools and samples available to the UBC community. You can register here.

Emerging Media Community of Practice

The Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality Group at UBC is a working user group composed of faculty and students across academic departments, Information Technology and curriculum staff, interested community members based off-campus, and many others whose work and interests are situated at the intersection of virtual/augmented reality, research and education.


Virtual Reality Night – VR and BCI

Ever wanted to create and explore a world controlled by your mind? Now you can, thanks to the integration of immersive virtual reality and brain-computer interfaces! Follow along as the Emerging Media Lab’s Eyemole team teaches us how to create a simple virtual reality app with gaze input as well as EEG input. Register here.