Saeed Dyanatkar
Executive Producer
Emerging Media Lab & UBC Studios
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Brian Wilson
Lab Supervisor
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Kirk Karasin
Media Specialist
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Juyeong Stella Oh
Lab Coordinator
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Yana Pertels
Work Learn Student
Theresa Marie Kikuchi
Work Learn Student
Daphne Liu
Work Learn Student

Emerging Media Lab is grateful to the following faculty members who are working with the EML team to create new tools and methods to enhance education using emerging media.

Manuel Pina | Faculty Supervisor, University of British Columbia

Manuel Pina graduated as a mechanical engineer in Vladimir, Russia, in 1983. He started artistic practice in early 1990s.

Current technological and economical conditions make possible today’s unprecedented proliferation of image-making devices and of new, equally powerful means for their dissemination.

The result is an unparalleled production and distribution of digital still and video images. Mostly of vernacular character, such images convey uncompromising explorations of these mediums. The scale of this phenomenon signals a paradigm shift in the way images are conceived, consumed and understood, and indicate the emergence of new visual languages.

This shift confronts us with a central question: What is an image today?

His artistic research is concerned with this question and the potentials of such emerging languages to reflect on and shape our contemporary human experience.

His work has been exhibited in the Americas and Europe including the Havana Biennale; the Estambul Biennale; Kunsthalle Vienna; Grey Gallery, New York; LACMA, Los Angeles; DAROS Museum, Zurich.

Dr. Siobhán McPhee | Geography Department, Faculty of Arts

Dr. Siobhán McPhee is a Faculty in Residence at the University of British Columbia Emerging Media Lab, where she works with other faculty, staff and students on research for EML projects. Her areas of interest include location-aware technologies, augmented reality, and alternative methods of knowledge mobilization, especially with application to education. Siobhán views educational technology as a powerful means of bringing more experiential learning into education.

Siobhán’s role as an educator in the Educational Leadership Stream at UBC, is one of being a facilitator for students learning. She views her role as an academic and an educator to encourage students and to equip them with the tools they need for their success both academically and more broadly. The curriculum development she has been involved with over the past four years though the international Vantage One program has enabled her to develop course content that strives to be flexible and address the needs of our international body of students. Siobhán has worked to develop alternative modes of delivery of Geography content, involving developing online tools, activities and experiential learning techniques. This approach gives students autonomy over their learning while at the same time guiding them through exercises. The major educational tool she has developed using location aware technology involves a 2-hour historical walking tour of Downtown Vancouver; this has run for 4 successive years now.

In the current academic year Siobhán added a scavenger hunt experience to the app getting her international students to engage and learn about the traditional Musqueam land on which UBC is located. Siobhán is currently developing AR experiences for use across Geography and Sociology courses with a view to developing a manual for all faculty, staff and students to use in developing similar experiences.

The Working group provides directions and sets priorities for the Emerging Media Lab.

Learning Technology Innovation Committee liaison

  • Dr. Claudia Krebs

Faculty Representatives

  • Dr. Joseph Anthony
  • Dr. Bernie Garret
  • Dr. Ray Hsu
  • Dr. Maja Krzic
  • Dr. Matthew Yedlin

Staff Representative

  • Duke Indrasigamany
  • Jeff Miller
  • Saeed Dyanatkar

Student Representative

  • Theresa Kikuchi, AGDA VR

A group of knowledgeable and dedicated staff members who volunteer their time to support EML's day-to-day operations.

  • Brian Wilson, Curriculum Manager, Vantage College
  • Saeed Dyanatkar, Executive Producer/Manager, EML & UBC Studios
  • Sharon Hu, Instructional Designer, Multimedia Specialist, Faculty of Education
  • Kirk Karasin, UBC Studios

  • Dr. Claudia Krebs, Faculty of Medicine
  • Dr. Loch Brown, Geography Dept., Faculty of Arts
  • Dr. Arthur (Gill) Green, Geography Dept., Faculty of Arts
  • Dr. Bernie Garret, School of Nursing, Faculty of Applied Science
  • Dr. Taylor Owen, School of Journalism
  • Dr. Allan Kingstone, Psychology Dept., Faculty of Arts
  • Dr. Jennifer Moss, Creative Writing Dept., Faculty of Arts

Active Contributors

  • Mehrdad Ghomi, HoloBrain Developer
  • Robyn Choi, HoloBrain Developer
  • Ryan Oh, Geography VR Developer
  • Michael Goh, Physics World Developer, AGDA VR Internal
  • Theresa Marie Kikuchi, AGDA VR External

For the full list of contributed students, please refer to individual project page.

UBC EML is grateful for the initial support it has received from the following UBC Faculty and Staff (in alphabetical order):

  • Dr. Joseph Anthony, Faculty of Medicine
  • Dr. Loch Brown, Geography Dept., Faculty of Arts
  • Chris Crowley, Centre for Teaching Learning and Technology
  • Dr. Fred Cutler, ArtsIST, Faculty of Arts
  • Dr. Bernie Garret, School of Nursing, Faculty of Applied Science
  • Dr. Brett Gilley, Faculty of Science
  • Dr. Sara Harris, Faculty of Science
  • Dr. Ray Hsu, Faculty of Arts
  • Dr. Francis Jones, Faculty of Science
  • Dr. Maja Krzic, Faculty of Land and Food Systems/Faculty of Forestry
  • Dr. Elisabeth Ormandy, Faculty of Land and Food Systems
  • Brian Wilson, Vantage College
  • Dr. Matthew Yedlin, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Applied Science