Dr. Claudia Krebs
Faculty Lead
Department of Cellular & Physiological Sciences
Faculty of Medicine
Dr. Matthew Yedlin
Faculty in Residence
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
Faculty of Applied Science

Dr. Siobhán McPhee
Faculty in Residence
Geography Department
Faculty of Arts

Manuel Piña
Faculty in Residence
Art History, Visual Art & Theory Department
Faculty of Arts

Jon Festinger
Faculty in Residence
Peter A. Allard School of Law

Steven Barnes
Faculty in Residence
Department of Psychology
Faculty of Arts


EML Lead and Executive Producer
Saeed Dyanatkar
EML Lead / Executive Producer
604 822 1816
Brian Wilson
Lab Supervisor
604 827 2206

Kirk Karasin
Media Specialist
604 822 2056

Sharon Hu
Instructional Designer, Faculty of Education


Juyeong Stella Oh
Lab Coordinator
604 822 6834

Yana Pertels
Work Learn Student
Merhdad Ghomi
Work Learn Student

Theresa Marie Kikuchi
Work Learn Student
Daphne Liu
Work Learn Student

The Working group provides directions and sets priorities for the Emerging Media Lab.

Learning Technology Innovation Committee liaison

  • Dr. Claudia Krebs

Faculty Representatives

  • Dr. Joseph Anthony
  • Dr. Bernie Garret
  • Dr. Maja Krzic
  • Dr. Matthew Yedlin

Staff Representative

  • Jeff Miller
  • Saeed Dyanatkar

Student Representative

  • Theresa Kikuchi, AGDA VR

  • Dr. Loch Brown, Geography Dept., Faculty of Arts
  • Dr. Arthur (Gill) Green, Geography Dept., Faculty of Arts
  • Dr. Bernie Garret, School of Nursing, Faculty of Applied Science
  • Dr. Taylor Owen, School of Journalism
  • Dr. Allan Kingstone, Psychology Dept., Faculty of Arts
  • Dr. Jennifer Moss, Creative Writing Dept., Faculty of Arts

Dr. Ray HsuPortriat
As a pioneer in use of VR/AR at UBC, Ray has been instrumental in helping establish Emerging Media Lab. He also founded the VR/AR Group which was later evolved into the current Emerging Media Community of Practice.

UBC EML is also grateful for the initial support it has received from the following UBC Faculty and Staff (in alphabetical order):

  • Dr. Joseph Anthony, Faculty of Medicine
  • Dr. Loch Brown, Geography Dept., Faculty of Arts
  • Chris Crowley, Centre for Teaching Learning and Technology
  • Dr. Fred Cutler, ArtsIST, Faculty of Arts
  • Dr. Bernie Garret, School of Nursing, Faculty of Applied Science
  • Dr. Brett Gilley, Faculty of Science
  • Dr. Sara Harris, Faculty of Science
  • Dr. Ray Hsu, Faculty of Arts
  • Dr. Francis Jones, Faculty of Science
  • Dr. Maja Krzic, Faculty of Land and Food Systems/Faculty of Forestry
  • Dr. Elisabeth Ormandy, Faculty of Land and Food Systems
  • Brian Wilson, Vantage College
  • Dr. Matthew Yedlin, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Applied Science