Developing an Adaptive xR Prototyping Pipeline in Educational Contexts

Lecture/Workshop: Developing an Adaptive xR Prototyping Pipeline in Educational Contexts
Presenter: Dr. Patrick Pennefather, UBC Theatre and Film

Date: Tuesday, July 31st at 4:00 – 5:30 pm
Location: Irving K. Barber Learning Center | Room 185 | 1961 East Mall
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With a minimum amount of time spent on talking about specific xR (VR, AR, MR, whateverR) prototyping use cases from the Master of Digital Media Program, this workshop will guide participants in the development of an xR pipeline for projects that they and others bring to the table. Participants can expect to walk away with:

  • More clarity on how to proceed when developing their own xR project
  • Tangible steps to take
  • Ideas of partnerships to establish

Think of the workshop as a sandbox for understanding the considerations you may want to have prior to jumping into the development of specific types of virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality experiences.

Video example of a 2-week prototyping project.


  • Participants should come to this workshop with some ideas (no matter how impossible) of what they would like to build. It is encouraged that you do not get too attached to your own ideas, as they may merge with ideas of others.
  • Please download the following app prior to attending the lecture:
  • App for Apple
    App for Android


We will first look at some specific xR rapid prototyping use cases drawn from the Master of Digital Media Program’s xR Prototyping Lab this summer. The xR Prototyping Lab works with client partners from across profit and not-for-profit sectors in order to manifest xR projects that solve a particular problem, challenge or need. Patrick Pennefather will discuss the different processes, results, research and learning opportunities of the xR Lab. The rest of the time will be used to develop your ideas and the ideas of others. We will use some strategic design and design thinking tools in order to unravel an idea and then co-construct a few xR development user journeys for participants to understand the dependencies required to build an xR prototype at various levels of fidelity.

More information:

Motivations that inspired the xR Prototyping Lab at the MDM Program.

Overview of the client partners, what types of xR projects the MDM team worked on, and the skills required.

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