The Mindcraft project explores different ways of generating personalized immersive virtual environments based on the user’s brainwaves.


Mindcraft exists at the intersection of two cutting-edge technologies: Virtual Reality (VR) and Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs). Virtual reality is a means of generating highly immersive experiences and is a rapidly developing technology; this project uses the HTC Vive headset to create room-scale experiences. Brain-Computer Interfaces are systems that read signals generated by the user’s brain and translates them into inputs for a computer program. We use the Muse headband, a consumer-grade wearable EEG device, to record electrical activity from the the wearer’s brain and change the virtual environment according to that activity.

The Team

The Mindcraft project is an ongoing collaboration between Eyemole, UBC Emerging Media Lab, and the AMS Game Development Association (AGDA).

Principal Investigator:

  • Ray Hsu

Student developers:

  • Adam Herr
  • Asia Schmok
  • Yana Pertels