Ask a work-learn: 10 things EML members should know

|March 20, 2019|

Are you a member or thinking of becoming a member at EML? Read more to make the best of your time at the lab!
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Metanaut CEO Peter Kao shares 5 tips for students to get started in VR

|March 6, 2019|

If you have ever dreamt of starting a career or hobby in creating virtual reality experiences, take some tips from EML’s industry consultant, Peter Kao.
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Students learn about seismic waves using the Google Cardboard

|February 28, 2019|

Feb. 28, 2019 | Faculty-in-Residence Dr. Matt Yedlin discusses the benefits and challenges of using the Google Cardboard to teach university course material.
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Dr. Queen shares the possibilities of AR/VR in veterinary science

|January 18, 2019|

Veterinarian Dr. Christopher Queen discusses on how emerging technologies can be used within animal healthcare in an EML lecture.
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Recap: EML Midterm Showcase

|December 11, 2018|

Thank you to our staff, students, faculty and partners for making the Emerging Media Lab what it has become today!
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Dr. Pawel Kindler shows-off Fossa Finder to first-year dentistry students

|December 5, 2018|

Dentistry students weigh-in on what they think about the application of VR in dentistry education and healthcare.
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EML Wins CUCCIO Innovation Award

|November 22, 2018|

The Canadian University Council of Chief Information Officers (CUCCIO) recognizes EML's achievements in innovation.
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