EML Workshops

Making Art with AI Lecture

Making Art with AI Lecture with Steve DiPaola | What is the state of art using cognitive inspired AI in emerging media like VR/AR and fine art? Using computational and AI techniques including Deep Learning, DiPaola will demonstrate his research lab’s (ivizlab.sfu.ca) work, in modeling how humans express themselves in systems.

Development for Google Cardboard Workshop

Learn how to develop for Google Cardboard so that you can have immersive experiences in the palm of your hand!

Emerging Media Lab Lecture Series

Historical Overview of VR and its Application Space delivered by Meehan Song. In this lecture, Meehae will be introducing a brief historical overview of VR and its related technologies and present different uses of VR application space.

Intro to Immersive Media Development Tools

Get a behind the scenes look into the development of VR/AR/MR with the Emerging Media Lab’s workshop series. The first workshop will be a beginner level introduction to the basics of how to create 3D objects and develop interactions between them.

Virtual Reality Night – VR and BCI

Ever wanted to create and explore a world controlled by your mind? Follow along as the Emerging Media Lab’s Eyemole team teaches us how to create a simple virtual reality app with gaze input as well as EEG input.