EML Workshops

Workshop series is for beginners to learn the basics of how to develop for virtual reality and augmented reality.
This page shows all upcoming and past workshops.

Storytelling Fundamentals and Narrative Design for Traditional & New Media

What makes for a memorable story? Why does it stick with us even after the experience is over? How does it happen in movies, video games, and VR? Join award-winning writer and narrative designer Arthur Protasio as he answers these questions in this immersive storytelling workshop! Learn storytelling fundamentals and the challenges in crafting content […]

Learning to Visualize Data in Augmented Reality (Workshop)

We are teaming up with the UBC Cognitive Systems Society to present this workshop. This workshop will teach how to build an augmented reality app to visualize data in real time.

3D Modelling Workshop

In this 4 hour workshop, Travis will be teach modelling basics and also touch on texturing. Through hands-on application with Maya and substance painter, this work along demo will teach the basics of 3D modelling to practical learners.

VR Prototyping with WebVR (3 Day Workshop)

Workshop Presenter: Meehae Song | October 22-24 5:30-7:30| Location: ORCH 3018 | Introduction to various VR Prototyping techniques using A-Frame, a web-based open source VR system (WebVR).

Development for Google Cardboard Workshop

Coming Soon! | Introduction to various VR Prototyping techniques using A-Frame, a web-based open source VR system (WebVR). Learn how to develop for Google Cardboard so that you can have immersive experiences in the palm of your hand!

Intro to Immersive Media Development

Workshop Presenter: Juyeong Oh | October 9 5-8PM | Location: PCOH 1003 | Get a behind the scenes look into the development of VR/AR/MR with the Emerging Media Lab’s workshop series. This workshop is a beginner level introduction to the basics of how to create 3D objects and develop interactions between them.

Development for WebVR Workshop

Ever heard of WebVR but was never sure what it was? Here’s your chance to learn about creating your own WebVR experiences!

Virtual Reality Night – VR and BCI

Ever wanted to create and explore a world controlled by your mind? Follow along as the Emerging Media Lab’s Eyemole team teaches us how to create a simple virtual reality app with gaze input as well as EEG input.