HoloBrain in WebVR


Inspired by the HoloBrain’s ability to display spatial relationships between brain structures in AR, Holobrain in Webvr aims at delivering a similar experience to a wider audience. Using a web app we are able to network more HoloBrains with each other, in the hopes of eventually making this a tool used to teach large classes. The tools used in this project are AFrame for building a VR experience using just Javascript and HTML, and Blender and Amira for segmentation of MRI scans and production of the 3D models.


The Team


  • Dr. Claudia Krebs


  • Dante Cerron
  • Ishan Dixit
  • Nancy Duan
  • Shi Ge
  • Mehrdad Gohmi
  • Braedon Paul
  • Cynthia Liu (Design Lead)