Emerging Media BC Community of Practice

Since 2015, Emerging Media BC Community of Practice members have been meeting to discuss and learn about new VR/AR innovations and other emerging technologies. It is a working user group composed of faculty and students across academic departments. Information Technology and curriculum staff, interested community members based off-campus, and many others whose work and interests are situated at the intersection of virtual/augmented reality, research and education.

As a  diverse community that features faculty, staff, students and industry professionals, the Emerging Media Community of Practice has a place and function for everyone. Since September 2018, UBC’s Emerging Media Community of PRactice has expanded its reach to include other universities in the lower mainland and BC under the umbrella of Emerging Media BC.

Meetings are held every second Friday of the month. Details on the upcoming month’s meeting can be found at emergingmediabc.ca.


  1. Provide a forward-looking forum in which we share current projects and bring expertise to forecasting and shaping the future of this area
  2. Provide a stimulating environment in which we solve concrete challenges in and around immersive technology in relation to education and research
  3. Provide a strong network that brings opportunities for us to collaborate across different communities that care about the role of virtual/augmented reality in education and research