Emerging Media Community of Practice


The Emerging Media Community of Practice (previously Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality Group) at UBC is a working user group composed of faculty and students across academic departments, Information Technology and curriculum staff, interested community members based off-campus, and many others whose work and interests are situated at the intersection of virtual/augmented reality, research and education. Meeting every second Friday of the month, the Emerging Media Community gets together to discuss and learn about not only the new VR/AR innovations but also many other emerging technology. As a  diverse community that features faculty, staff, students and industry professionals, the Emerging Media Community of Practice has a place and function for everyone.
Emerging Media Community of Practice serves three purposes:

  1. Provide a forward-looking forum in which we share current projects and bring expertise to forecasting and shaping the future of this area
  2. Provide a stimulating environment in which we solve concrete challenges in and around immersive technology in relation to education and research
  3. Provide a strong network that brings opportunities for us to collaborate across different communities that care about the role of virtual/augmented reality in education and research

The format usually follows this:

  1. Introduction + EML Updates/ announcements (10min)
  2. EML Student project group (20min)
  3. UBC Scholar/ Researcher presentation + demo (20min)
  4. Outside UBC Scholar/ Researcher or Industry presentation + demo (30min)
  5. Networking/ Socializing

Read about our October Meeting here.

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